Pool Table Supplies

Owning a pool table without the proper pool table supplies is like owning an expensive sports car with no engine…you can sit back and admire it, but you can’t use it. What fun is that?




Adding the necessary pool table supplies will make the game more fun and keep your table looking good.




Pool Table Supplies You’ll Need To Get Started:


1. Pool Table Balls – Usually numbered 1 through 15 and a solid white cue ball. Balls numbered 1 through 7 will each have it’s own solid color. Balls numbered 9 through 15 will be striped with the same colors, and the 8 ball is solid black. A good quality ball will make playing the game more enjoyable, and will last for years.


2. Triangular Rack – You’ll need to rack the balls to start the game.

They are normally made of wood or plastic. A triangular rack will hold all 15 balls, which are needed to play 8 ball…probably the most popular and well known game played by the average player.

Another popular game is 9 ball which only uses the 8 solid colored balls numbered 1 through 8, and the 9 ball. The balls are racked in a diamond shape with the 1 ball in front, and the 9 ball in the middle. If this is your game, racks are available in diamond shapes, but the balls can be racked in the triangular shaped rack just as well.



3. Pool Cues – Can range anywhere from a basic wooden cue, to a hand crafted cue with beautiful artwork. Cue sticks come in many different weights. It’s also important that your cue is straight. Sight it or roll it on the table to make sure it’s not warped.


 4. Pool Cue Chalk – Needed on the cue tip to create friction between the cue tip and the ball. Without it, the cue will just slip off the cue ball on any off center hits. Chalk comes in a variety of colors. It’s recommended that your chalk matches the color of your felt…it will clean up easier.


5. Bridge Stick – Not a necessity, but recommended. A bridge helps you reach shots that are at the other end of the table. It’s such a little thing, but it will keep people from crawling on your table to reach a shot.


6. Overhead Light - This is also not a necessity. You can play pool without an overhead light, but you’ll enjoy the game much more with one. A nice overhead light will not only eliminate shadows on the table, but can be a great finishing touch that will add a touch of class to your room.                   


The above list is a sampling of pool table supplies, but it’s enough for you to start enjoying your pool table with family and friends.

At some point, you’ll want to add:

  • Powder – helps the cue stick slide easily in your hand.
  • Cue Stick Rack – helps prevent the cue stick from warping.
  • Cue Tip Kit – tips do need to be replaced sometimes.
  • Ball Cleaner – keeps the balls looking like new. 

And make sure not to neglect your table when you’re adding pool table supplies. Two things will help keep your table looking great for years to come:

Pool Table BrushBrushing the felt after each use will keep it looking like new, keep it free from lint, and reduces chalk build up in the cloth.

Pool Table Cover – Keeps the table free from lint, dust, etc. and should be put on after brushing. A cover will also prevent the cloth from fading.


Having the right pool table supplies for your pool table will help provide years of entertainment for your family and friends.